Friday, January 15, 2010

Howard Stern to Conan in 2006: "I don't see this guy leaving"

A commenter on Gawker linked to this eerily prescient video from the Dec. 14, 2006 episode of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," featuring guest Howard Stern.

Howard: I read in the paper that Conan is going to replace Jay Leno, thank God. You think that's really gonna happen? Jay--

Conan: I think there's about a 40% chance that's going to happen.

Howard: Jay Leno's a funny guy. I read the book Late Shift where they talk about all the different late night hosts and it said that Jay wanted that job so bad he would hide in closets and listen in to the NBC executives talking about his fate. He wanted the job from Letterman. I don't see this guy leaving and letting you walk in. And I'm concerned about you.

Conan: You're concerned? What about me? You know what? I'm very philosophical about it. First of all it's many years off. It's still 11 years away. Jay will be like in his late 80s, I'll be like 75 when this thing goes down.

Howard: This is a guy who stares at the wall all day, Jay Leno. He waits to go to work. He doesn't like to do anything but work. I don't even know if has sex with his wife. I don't know what's going on there. (Audience: "Ooh.") This is going to be very -- what do you mean, "oh"? This is comedy fact. Everybody knows it.

Speaking of Stern, according to a recap at Howard fansite, Conan wants him to do "Tonight" next week, but Stern isn't sure if he wants to fly to L.A. Plus, would the suits at NBC let him on the air? One thing's for sure, if it actually happens, it would be real must-see TV.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Stern trashed Leno on The Late Show not long ago, accusing him of stealing Stern's gags. (I don't recall if Talk Show News covered that.)

  2. Talk Show News said...

    Yes I did, on June 9, including a transcript of Howard's remarks about the late night scene.