Saturday, January 9, 2010

My name is Erik and I'm a Jay Leno fan

Who dares to come out of the closet publicly as a fan of Jay Leno? Erik Wemple, that's who. In the alternative weekly City Paper (Washington, D.C.), Wemple admits that he finds Leno funny.

"Yes, I enjoyed the monologue," he writes. "Loved 'Headlines' and guffawed at 'Bizarre Christmas Gifts.' Here was a show, I’d argue, hosted by a good guy who lived for comedy. Great smile, great jokes, and onstage bonhomie -- what more could you ask for?"

Wemple's friends gave him a hard time when he confessed his love for Leno: "...the hipster demographic hates Jay Leno. All the ingredients for a bad relationship are right on the shelf: Leno is a big, rich white guy who radiates establishment. He has way too many cars. And his brand of entertainment comes via a behemoth broadcast network, so there’s no process of discovery, no in-the-know cachet, to tapping into Leno." However, Wemple's quick survey of D.C. "hipsters" showed that most of them didn't even watch TV, making them more indifferent than hostile to the host.

Perhaps Wemple was searching in the wrong places for Leno-loathing Gen Y'ers. The comment section of the page is dripping with contempt for the Chinned One: "You've got to be kidding. Leno sucks," writes one commenter. "Conan is so much better. And Dave is the best of all of them. Jimmy Fallon is good too."

In other Late Show Wars news, the New York Times' Bill Carter interviewed "Late Night" host Fallon last night at an "Arts & Leisure Weekend" live event. "I’ll do my show at 3 in the morning. I’m just happy to have a show," said Fallon, whose program might be bumped from 12:35 to 1:05 to make way for Leno. "Time doesn’t really matter. We’re in a different age. I don’t even know what time 'Jersey Shore' is on."


  1. Anonymous said...

    OK, I admit Id like to meet both Erik AND Leno...................................... with my FIST!


    PS: Id probably break every bone in my hand on that humongoid chin of his tho.

  2. Shane G. said...

    Hahah, I like what Jimmy said. He probably isn't happy about the time movement, in complete honesty, but you can tell he is really happy to be doing the show and is having lots of fun with it.

  3. Anonymous said...

    It doesn't matter what time Leno's show is on, it will suck just as hard at 11.35 as it did in primetime. He's a douche!