Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Letterman deal: More years for Craig Ferguson, too?

The New York Times just posted a comprehensive article about David Letterman's new deal with CBS, noting that one thing the new contract does not include is "any specific stipulation that this will definitely be Mr. Letterman’s last run in late night." Unlike NBC, which couldn't wait to show Jay Leno the door, CBS seems content to keep the perennially second-place finisher on the air. However, the article notes that unlike Dave's previous contracts, this one is only two years instead of three.

And here's some good news for fans of that guy who follows Dave at 12:35. "[Letterman's production company] Worldwide Pants also owns... 'The Late Late Show.' The current star of that show, Craig Ferguson, is under contract through 2010. The company definitely wants Mr. Ferguson, whose reputation has grown in recent years, to continue."