Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jay Leno: Miss him? You'll be seeing more of him soon

NBC wants to remind you: Jay Leno is coming back this fall. Variety reports that if you are watching the network at 10 PM, you'll see a promo for the former "Tonight Show" host's forthcoming comedy show.

One spot is a 30-second sketch in which a network exec pitches ideas to promote the fall show, including a Leno superhero action figure. However, the spots will get longer and more elaborate later this month: NBC has "hired one of Leno's writers to come up with gags for minutelong monologues that will start appearing as soon as the end of this month." He may even do some of his signature bits, like Headlines, in some of the promos.

"Jay's used to working, so he's happy to oblige," NBC Universal TV Group chief marketing officer John Miller told Variety. "We're trying to shoot things almost on a weekly basis all summer long. Creatively, our goal is simple: to establish the notion that it's going to be Jay, it's going to be comedy, on the air at 10 p.m. this fall.

"From the moment he left 'The Tonight Show' until the moment his new show starts, there won't be a day where Jay doesn't appear on NBC," promised Miller. "We want to create a 10 o'clock habit."