Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Craig Ferguson to Jimmy Fallon: I challenge you to naked on-air wrestling!

We mentioned last night that David Letterman had a few words to say about Conan O'Brien's debut. Well, if you stuck around after Dave to watch Craig Ferguson, turns out he wanted to share some thoughts on the late night race as well.

After stating that he'd watched both Dave and Conan at 11:30 -- "I was trained in the art of double watching" -- Ferguson remarked that "Dave was his usual brilliant self, and Conan did fantastically well. It used to be me against Conan every night. It was like we would strip naked and wrestle. Some nights I lost and some nights I won. It doesn't matter anymore. He's on early. He's become one of them."

Then Craig addressed his time slot rival, Jimmy Fallon. "There's only two late night outlaws now -- me and the Fallon boy. And I tell you -- I thought that boy was going to go down, but he ain't going down. Not yet. I'm thinking, lie down, Jimmy, or you're going to get hurt. But he keeps getting up, I keep smacking him down. So I would hereby like to challenge Jimmy Fallon to naked on-air wrestling."

This week should be especially challenging for the Scot, considering that Fallon will be getting a massive lead-in from people curious about how Conan will play on "The Tonight Show." Last night, Conan scored a 7.1 rating in the overnights (measuring the country's largest media markets), meaning that more viewers were watching the redhead than David Letterman and "Nightline" combined. (By comparison, Jay Leno's final show on Friday drew an 8.8 rating.)