Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Craig Ferguson: I wanted to kill myself

photoCraig Ferguson's bio American on Purpose, which Talk Show News first posted about way back in January, will be out on Sept. 15, and the New York Daily News is reporting that one of the things Ferguson will write about in the book is his pre-rehab, pre-fame brush with suicide: Christmas morning he woke up in a tavern storage room amid his own vomit and urine − or at least what he hoped was his own. It was the lowest point of his life.

The comedian writes, “I felt worse than I ever had. ... I was a drunk, a loser and a disaster as a human being. ... The shame was immense. It pushed down on me like a terrible weight.”

And it led him to decide it was time for him to die.

The pub was near the Tower Bridge over the Thames, and Ferguson made a plan to jump in. He was on his way, but bumped into a friend who cheered him up, inadvertently saving his life...
Ferguson fans who would like to hear the book in Craig's own voice will be happy to hear that it will also be available as an audio book.