Saturday, June 20, 2009

Conan O'Brien: On vacation already?

An anonymous commenter left the following remark on this entry: "Conan's already got a week of repeats coming up?! Has it even been a month yet? Yeah Conan, take a break!!!"

Yes, it's true -- after four weeks at the "Tonight Show" helm, O'Brien is taking a week off, from June 29-July 3. However, almost every talk show is going dark that week, due to the 4th of July holiday. Presumably, viewing levels are down as people go to their lakeside cabins, or whatever it is people do during summer holidays.

At this point, it looks like the lone holdout is "Live with Regis and Kelly," which plans a week of fresh shows in the run-up to Independence Day. Perhaps those of us who will be home that week and are not planning to turn off our TVs should take the opportunity to try something different -- if you're a Conan fan, watch Dave's repeats for a week, or vice versa. Let's call a weeklong truce in the late-night wars!

Here is Conan's repeat schedule. (Talk Show News heartily recommends the July 2 episode with Norm MacDonald.)

Mo 6/29: Tom Hanks, Green Day (R 6/2/09)
Tu 6/30: Gwyneth Paltrow, Joel McHale, John Mayer Trio (R 6/4/09)
We 7/1: Eddie Murphy, Angela Kinsey, Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal (R 6/9/09)
Th 7/2: Norm MacDonald, Jim Gaffigan, Neko Case (R 6/11/09)
Fr 7/3: Kobe Bryant, William Shatner, Incubus (R 6/17/09)


  1. Santiago R. said...

    I hadnt even thought of watching Conan during next weeks re-runs of the Late Show, but now that you mention it, I might as well do it.

    I mean, I like Conan mostly and I might just tune in to see at least the first part of the shows, if not the interviews.

    Im sure gonna watch Norm McDonald tho cuz he is awesome and also Gwyneth with her shiny legs haha.