Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conan O'Brien: But what did the fans think?

We've told you what some of the nation's TV writers thought about Conan's "Tonight Show" debut, but what about the people who will be watching night after night?

Here's a handful of reactions from the message boards at Television Without Pity and EW.com:

"I hate the new studio. It seems too big and cold."

"Color me very very pleased with Conan's first show. It revisited enough of the old Conan while still showing us that this is a different show and a new beginning."

"Conan will do fine, but I don't think I'll be choosing him over Dave anytime soon. For now, I'm just glad that Dave's rival is someone that I don't despise."

"Conan is obviously not to everyone's taste; he certainly isn't mine. I watched about 20 minutes -- left before Will Ferrell appeared. The opening was clever; I watched to see if there was a glimmer of likeability on my part. Not. Of course, that's why they make chocolate AND vanilla ice cream. I'll take my chances with Leno in the fall."

"I am not understanding the appeal of Andy Richter at all. He does not seem the least bit funny to me."

"The addition of Andy Richter is genius! That choco-taco banter was funny and seemed to relax Conan's nervous energy. I'll watch again for sure."

"Conan stayed true to form, but for the 'Tonight Show' slot I think he's going to have to have a stronger monologue and concentrate on just being funny."

"The Tonight Show is effectively gone. This was Late Night with Conan O'Brien with more money and a bigger studio. Despite the time and effort that went into the taped pieces (the tram piece should have been better), after 17 years Conan is still so unconfident as a performer that he has to resort to jumping around and wildly mugging at every opportunity. Lack of confidence (real or put on) can work at 12:30 (Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson both hit and miss), but it's deadly at 11:30."

"I grew up on the Tonight Show from the Jack Paar days as I first remember. Of course no one will ever replace JC. Leno grew on me. I did not like him at first. But I have to say based on opening night, I will get more sleep from now on. I won't make it a habit to wait up to see the show. I thought it was extremely poor and boring. Maybe I am just too old to get into Conan."

"I thought last night's show was awesome! Conan was hilarious and I loved the Universal Studios skit. I'm so happy he's back. My mind is honestly blown at how people can think Jay Leno is funnier than Conan...Really??"


  1. Judd said...

    Talk Show News, why don't YOU ever review these shows? I think some of us would appreciate some commentary every once in a while.

  2. Santiago R. said...

    I agree with Judd. I would love to hear what you all (if theres more than one of you) think about the latest shifts in the late night universe.

  3. Talk Show News said...

    Well, it's nice of you to want my opinion. There is only one of me, actually, despite the fact that I use the "royal we."

    I conceived of the blog as a vehicle for news, not commentary, since obviously there's bunches of that available -- I link to it -- but if there is genuine interest, I will try to branch out and present more of my opinion. I want to do so in a way that doesn't alienate people who come here for news, though. I mean, I've gotta admit that I'm not a Conan fan. His tics and mannerisms annoy me... always have, despite the fact that sometimes he does some very good and funny taped bits. My TV is tuned to "The Colbert Report" at 11:30 and will remain so.

  4. Santiago R. said...

    I can understand your position a bit better now that youve explained that the blog was conceived as news-based from the beggining. If you think reviews from your own point of view might annoy potential readers, then Im alright with just reading the items you link to.

    I admit Im lazy tho and not a good "googler" so finding good reviews or forums where people discuss late night TV, has not been easy for me, and your links to the latest reviews for Conan helped me a lot, and also the links to the discussion forums you posted. So again, thanks!

    Oh and I agree that ppl who comment here should take the time to at least think up a nickname to post under. Now Im paranoid about using my real name tho. haha.