Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Saturday Night Live" saves sharpest barbs for Letterman

Since "Saturday Night Live" airs on NBC, where the execs have been loudly complaining about all of the potshots taken at Jay Leno by other late night hosts, the big question about last night's episode was, how would the sketch show address the late night conflict? "SNL" brought back former rep player Darrell Hammond to portray Jay Leno, and his impression was pretty dead-on. The usually reliable Bill Hader's Conan was curiously blank -- maybe O'Brien is just tough to imitate, especially when he's sitting behind a desk (in a different setting, at least Hader could have trotted out the string dance and nipple-rubbing). But the nastiest impression was Jason Sudeikis as an incoherently giggling, pencil-throwing David Letterman.

Of course, former "SNL"'er Norm Macdonald's Dave impression is hard to beat. "Ya' got any gum?"

Seth Meyers also had a funny take on "Weekend Update," comparing NBC to a man torn between two lovers who comes up with an "awesome plan": "Let's say you're married, and it's the #1 marriage in the country. But then you meet someone else who just sweeps you off your feet. Then you say to her: 'I want to marry you in five years.'" It doesn't seem to be up on Hulu yet, but The Wrap posted a video.


  1. bmfc1 said...

    I think that Jason Sudeikis filmed his impression right on Dave's set. He was a guest last week so he could have done it before or after the show.

  2. Anonymous said...

    great stuff.

  3. Keonyn said...

    So NBC whines that people make fun of them and wants them to stop, but then do the same. They not only mock Letterman, but Conan as well, who is their own host in spite of BS they've put him through.

    All in all though, not a big deal, SNL hasn't really been a player in years. NBC turning it into a shameless publicity machine is just another nail in that coffin. I mean, they're already trying to destroy Carsons legacy, why not Belushi and Chases as well while they're at it.

  4. Anonymous said...

    I found the whole sketch hilarious. It was an interesting choice to have Dave do ONLY that. But I guess that was easier than actually coming up with a good impression of him talking and saying something funny.

    I saw it more as the SNL writers dropping the ball when it was time to come up with a funny part for Dave, but not exactly as the harshest part of the skit.