Monday, September 14, 2009

Critics to Leno: You suck!

It's only 9 PM here on the West Coast, but in other time zones, the inaugural "Jay Leno Show" has already aired -- and the critics have been all a-Twitter! Thanks to TV MoJoe for compiling some of the insta-reports, including these:

" 'Leno' " is unendurable," wrote Gail Pennington of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "Is it over yet? Please?"

TV Guide's Damian Holbrook was equally tough.

"I've seen Discovery Health documentaries that are funnier than 'The Jay Leno Show,'" he tweeted, adding, "This is painful....It's made of suck. Avoid at all costs."

Another TV Guide staffer, columnist Bruce Fretts, summed up his take thusly: "If 'The Jay Leno Show' is the future of TV, I wanna live in the past," he wrote.

Eric Deggans of the St. Petersburg Times asked, "Is it a bad sign that I'm less than 20 minutes into the new Jay Leno show and I already want to poke my eyes out -- or his?"
Talk Show News will be back tomorrow with a round-up of the critical response once the nation's TV scribes have had time to write more than 140 words on the return of Leno.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Geez, what were people expecting, for Leno to reinvent the wheel? It's The Tonight Show at 10pm, with a few "new" features. So basically, same old same old.

    - Octobrain

  2. Justin said...

    Ha Ha! Leno sucked in his old timeslot and he will suck just as hard in his new one- he's a douchebag!

  3. sprouse said...

    I actually enjoyed this more than the Tonight Show. I don't like Leno, but the show wasn't that bad in my opinion and I can see it sticking around for a while. The bit with Kanye was interesting, though, and I bet NBC was happy to have that for the press.

  4. Anonymous said...

    I didnt give Leno the benefit of my full attention tonight. I was tweeting and doing stuff on the computer while I watched. I couldnt bring myself to sit there and give my undivided attention to his bloated face.

    That said, I enjoyed seeing Kanye squirm on that seat while trying to get out of the hole he dug himself into.

    Seinfeld was cool, but then again, he is great no matter WHO has him as a guest. I thought he was way over-dressed for the occasion tho. A tux? come on, its just Leno. haha.

    As TV Barn's Aaron Barnhart put it, if you hate/love Leno, this show isnt gonna change your mind, since its more of the same with just a few tweaks.

    It was unsettling to not see a desk on set until Headlines. And as usual his monologue sucked.


  5. arsenio said...

    haha, i bet leno gave some cash to kanye to do this disgusting stunt, as well as he bribe that douche rush limbaugh to come next week - funny, two jerks will ass-lick each other for sure..

  6. espn2classic said...

    Leno and Letterman both suck. Conan makes me laugh hard every time I watch. Letterman & Leno make me think how can they let these guys host a show. They arn't that funny any more. I get more laughs watching Dr. Phil than I get with these guys. There's a thing called humility that Carson had and you see that same display of genuine silly fun and humility in Conan. It would be nice if they left gracefully like Farve. Well you know what I mean. Go Vikes.
    Larry in Madison

  7. Anonymous said...

    thehollywoodjournal digresses much on how and why LENO SUCKS.