Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Got a question for Craig Ferguson?

Sure, he's going to be on a bunch of shows promoting his new book, but this is the only tour stop we know of where you can actually talk to Craig yourself: he's scheduled to be the guest on Thursday afternoon's episode of NPR's "Talk of the Nation" call-in show. It is due to air at noon on the West Coast, 3 PM in the East. The show's phone number is (800) 989-8255, and you can also submit questions via email.

Here's the NPR station finder; if your local public radio affiliate doesn't air Talk of the Nation, you can stream it online at many stations (I like Michigan Radio). The show will be archived on the TotN web site a few hours after it has aired.

As is always the case with NPR, entertainment guests can and will be bumped in case of breaking news.

Last month, Ferguson appeared as a guest on another NPR show, "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!"