Tuesday, August 25, 2009

High Def Craig: Ferguson's First Guests

As previously reported, Craig Ferguson will begin broadcasting in high definition beginning on Monday the 31st. CBS has just announced the guest lineup for his first few HD shows, so here's who you can expect to see when Ferguson debuts the fresh "Late Late Show" look, which will include revamped opening credits and a new theme song.

Mo 8/31: Emily Deschanel, Terry Crews
Tu 9/1: Quentin Tarantino, Jason Ritter
We 9/2: Mila Kunis, Alex Dryden
Th 9/3: TBA
Fr 9/4: Radha Mitchell, DJ Qualls

Mo 9/7: Juliette Lewis, Alex O'Loughlin
Tu 9/8: Neil Patrick Harris, Spencer Day


  1. Anonymous said...

    Thanks to Coacoav for the link to this website. Can't wait to see Alex O'Loughlin on Craig Ferguson!!! Three Rivers premieres October 4, 2009.

  2. lanouette said...

    Wow, I am glad Alex O'Loughlin will appear in the show! Thanks

  3. Anonymous said...

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