Saturday, August 29, 2009

Craig Kilborn: The Onion pokes fun at him -- again!

One of the most popular entries on this blog is the one about Craig Kilborn, who seems to have done a disappearing act in the past few years. Talk Show News would love to know what happened to the guy -- Craiggers, if you ever self-Google, drop me a line! -- but lately, he seems to have become something of a human punchline for satirical web site The Onion.

A while ago, they published an article with the headline "Gin-Soaked Craig Kilborn Shows Up Broke, Homeless at SportsCenter Studio." To add insult to injury, it is currently the third link that shows up when you Google the former host. This week, The Onion took aim at him again with an item titled "Dan Patrick Assumed More People Would Be At Craig Kilborn's Birthday Party." "Following Craig Kilborn's 47th birthday party last Monday, former ESPN colleague Dan Patrick told reporters he was surprised at the celebration's low turnout, saying he was sure there would be more than six attendees at the event... Patrick said that he took his cue to go home when an intoxicated Kilborn asked if anyone could tell him 'just what the fuck it is I do for a living because I sure as shit don't know.'"

Judging from the number of people who hit this site while looking for info on Kilborn, a lot of folks are waiting for him to come back into the public eye.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I hope he comes back, even if I never watched him. I feel bad for the ppl that loved him and then lost him.