Wednesday, July 1, 2009

High Def Craig: The news is that there is no news

This question comes through our inbox every so often, and a browse through the Talk Show News keyword stats show that a fair number of folks are searching for information on it:

"Is there any kind of hint that CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson will be making the jump to high-def anytime soon? I really wish it would happen soon, as I'm a big fan of Ferguson's show and his comedy style."

We addressed the HD question back in December, when neither Craig nor Jimmy Kimmel were shown in high definition. Of course, Kimmel's show switched over to HD in April. As for Craig... well, he's referred to his low budget talker as "madness on a shoestring."

A CBS publicist told Talk Show News that "[we] haven't announced any news yet" about the LLS going HD. They haven't announced it... does that mean they are planning for it? We only found out about the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" enhancements two weeks before it happened. In any case, they have promised to let Talk Show News know if and when the big news breaks, so stay tuned, Ferguson fans.


  1. arsenio said...

    hope TDS and TCR will get HD as well soon..

  2. Talk Show News said...

    Arsenio: we reported back in January that they should begin airing in HD early next year... presuming, of course, that your cable or satellite company offers Comedy Central HD.

  3. Steve K. said...

    Craig seems to like his crap-o-vision. Sure he complains about it a lot, but it all seems fake and said for comedic effect. He also talked about not liking HD because it makes him look like Andy Rooney or something, so maybe he's one of the reasons for the delay of this transition? (Craig, not Andy. Or..?) Or maybe CBS is just not sure whether he's staying or not after his contract expires, so they don't want to waste money. And it will probably cost a lot, since before they switch to HD they need to get all the crap fixed in the studio and probably rebuild it entirely.

    They lost a light again recently, by the way, during Jim Parsons' visit. Sure, it turned into a great interview, as it usually does, but the amount of technical screw-ups on LLS is like... woah.

  4. Anonymous said...

    So you're denying that it has anything to do with his being Scottish..??