Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ferguson on Fallon's show: "It's high-def and stuff!"

OK, so we've seen a few more ads now for Craig Ferguson's Sunday special, "A Wee Bit O'Revolution." But making the promotional rounds for the comedy show and DVD, Ferguson seems to be enjoying his underdog status.

The AP's Frazier Moore interviewed the Scottish-born comic, and referred to the show as "madness on a shoestring," due to the studio's shortcomings ("the roof leaks, we don't have a band, we don't light the show properly," says Ferguson):

The show's very cheapness is a source of inspiration.

"I complain about it, but I think it's probably been the best thing," says Ferguson. "It allowed us to develop this odd little show which is different from the other shows."

And a world away from the Fallon-era "Late Night," which is based at 30 Rock in New York and comes fully equipped with an eye-popping set, an announcer and a powerhouse seven-piece band, The Roots.

"It's high-def and stuff!" says Ferguson, rolling his eyes in mock amazement. "It's almost like he's making a show in the 21st century!

"But I'm actually kind of pleased that Fallon's doing what he's doing. I think the competition for his show is more Adult Swim (cable network) than me. I don't think we're going for the same audience."
Who will be the last late night network host to go high def -- Ferguson or Kimmel? (Talk Show News doesn't care about Carson Daly.)


  1. Judd said...

    That's okay. I don't think anyone cares about Carson Daly.

  2. floretbroccoli said...

    Letterman pointed out this week, before bring Ferguson out as a guest, that Craig's show is different from all the others.

    I'm always intrigued by Dave's distancing himself from his company's other products. Coincidentally, the other guest on Wednesday's show was Ginnifer Goodwin, who first came to national attention on "Ed." Or, as GG said to Dave, "*your* Ed."