Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jimmy Fallon: Better the second time around?

Some reporters decided to review Jimmy Fallon's second night as well as the first. Is he showing improvement? Read on and find out:

"[Guest Tina] Fey was, as always, enthusiastic, smart, and funny... Fallon is trying out various bits to see what might stick. He showed a video of a German soccer fashion show and heckled/commented over it, in the manner of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He also had his camera operator zoom in on various people in the audience and them placed a Facebook-update frame around each face, with a comment such as ' ...wearing his thong backwards.' I'll just assume that this was Fallon's knowing hommage to the same routine Steve Allen used to do on The Tonight Show a half-century ago, having the camera zoom in on an audience-member while Allen spoke their 'inner thoughts'... This is the way you build a talk show: plundering from the past is a thoroughly acceptable method; so is calling in favors from friends. Pretty soon, though, you have to start coming up with your own format, your own style."
-Ken Tucker,

"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was definitely better the second time around last night. But much of the credit for that improvement must be attributed to the difference in lead guests: an animated Tina Fey last night, vs. a Robert De Niro who acted like just showing up was enough on opening night... Bon Jovi was the other big guest, and he came through as well for Fallon... Now the bad news: Fallon didn't have much to do with the good moments last night. When he held the spotlight, the show faltered."
-David Zurawik,

"Despite spending some time on the road honing his stand-up chops during the show's lengthy preproduction process, his monologue delivery still feels stilted... Tina Fey is a great interview no matter whether she's talking to David Letterman or Rachael Ray, but Fallon did do a good job of engaging her in conversation."
-Mark Graham,

"[T]he Late Night host needed to quit with the over-laughing. The home audience chuckles more easily if Fallon isn't having a conniption every time his guest says something mildly amusing."
-Ryan Tate,


  1. Anonymous said...

    He DID overlaugh a lot and I didnt enjoy it, as Im sure none of the other viewers did. He does have a tendency to do that. Its annoying.

    His joke delivery IS pretty stiff, but the first night was the worst compared to the latter two shows in that respect.

    When he talks to the guests, you can tell they are his buddies, and thats the feeling I get throughout the whole thing. Like youre watching two friends have a funny conversation, and youre just an onlooker or an acquaintance thats not as close to the other two. LoL.

    And what the hell are "The Roots" doing as a late night band? thats the biggest surprise I got from it.