Monday, March 2, 2009

Eleanor Holmes Norton thanks Colbert

Stephen Colbert's "nemesis," D.C. delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, credits the talk show host with helping bring voting rights to the nation's capital. As reported in the Huffington Post, Norton told Politico: "Stephen Colbert has done more than any other single human being to inform the country, which was largely ignorant of the fact that we do not have the vote. I tell my constituents -- you don't owe it to me, you don't owe it to DC Vote, you owe it to Colbert. You want to talk about sacrifices I've made, I'll let the man beat up on me anytime he wants to just to get the word out."

Of course, we hope Norton never shows that much gratitude to Colbert on his show. Their testy interactions are too much fun.


  1. Anonymous said...

    ooooh! I love seeing them spar!