Friday, December 19, 2008

Watch talk shows online, Part 1

For proof that I've been at this for a looong time, you need look no further than my FAQ. I don't update it as often as I should and I noticed that one of the entries is seriously out of date: "How can I get a recording of a recent late night show?" I suggested people check out the USENET group Video tapes -- how quaint!

Yes, not too long ago, if you found out too late that your favorite star had appeared on "Letterman," you were out of luck, unless of course that episode was repeated a few weeks later. I used to field a lot of email from people who were distraught that they'd missed a particular appearance, but today, thanks to streaming video, those queries have pretty much dried up completely.

As a handy guide (and fun holiday time-killer), here's where you can watch late night shows online:

"Late Show with David Letterman": Full Episode Viewer
"Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson": Full episodes are available on the show's web site.
Note that CBS also posts clips of their shows on YouTube, so if you just want to share your favorite Craig Ferguson monologue, you'll probably find it there.

"Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Video Library and Full Episode Viewer
"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" Video Library and Full Episode Viewer
"Last Call with Carson Daly" Video Library. Full episodes aren't available.
Jay and Conan are also available on's talk show channel.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" episodes and music performances can be viewed at the show's web site.

"The Daily Show": Click on "Full Episode Viewer," or find clips with the site's search engine.
"The Colbert Report" web site has a Full Episode Viewer and a search engine.
TDS and TCR are also available on's talk show channel.

"Tavis Smiley": Video page

We'll have more links for you next week. If any of these links change, please let us know at loudfan (at) -- thanks!

Also, a reader asked me to link to the "Late Show with David Letterman" Facebook group, so if you're a fan of Dave and want to connect with others, check it out!