Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome to Talk Show News

I've been maintaining the Late Night Lineups page for about 12 years now. As the years have passed, I've added a bunch of daytime talk shows to the site, but I've kept the name; it's a legacy, I suppose. Other sites have come and gone, but mine endures.

Through this blog, I hope to branch out a little bit into discussing talk shows and sharing news. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me at loudfan (at)


  1. TV Gord said...

    I just noticed that you now have this blog! I will be a regular visitor. We need to get the word out about this!!!

    I'm glad to have this outlet if for no other reason than to be able to thank you for your "Late Night Talk Show Page"! You always seem to read my mind about which shows I want included. I nearly wrote to you asking whether Bonnie Hunt would be included, and BAM! There it was!

    This is such a handy one-stop place to come and see who's on when, where...and whether there are reruns coming (so I can get five or ten hours of my life back that week! LOL!). Thank you for always keeping us in the loop. I can't wait for the discussions to come on your new blogs!

    All the best and happy 2009!

    TV Gord
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  2. Anonymous said...

    Aww, thanks for the vote of confidence, Gord! I thought I'd start the blog quietly over the holidays, accumulate some posts, and hopefully, once people are paying attention again (probably around Jan. 5), we'll start getting some serious traffic. Comments and suggested topics are always welcome.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Hi! I just realized you created this blog today and I think Im gonna be reading it often. You do a great job with the page and I wrote you once just to thank you for what you do. You even responded and it was nice. Keep up the good work! Im a big fan, from Ecuador, in South America.

    Sadly, we dont have HD TV capabilities over here yet, so that doesnt really affect me, but its nice that more and more shows are being broadcast that way.