Thursday, December 18, 2008

When news breaks...

On Dec. 11, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" signed off for the last time in 2008. They'll return again on Jan. 5. After nearly nonstop "Decision '08" coverage, no one can argue that the show's hard-working staff doesn't deserve a break.

But why is it that every time TDS goes on vacation, something that you just know would be hilarious fodder for the show seems to happen? I'm sure that TDS fans everywhere are lamenting the fact that the Bush shoe-throwing incident took place just three days after the show's hiatus began. Other late night comics have been having a field day with it. Stewart and his writers would probably also have a lot to say about the Madoff Ponzi scheme. By the time January rolls around, though, they'll be old news.

The president and the shoe will now join the Sen. Larry Craig scandal, the Scooter Libby pardon and Alberto Gonzales's resignation in the pantheon of TDS-worthy news events that happened during vacation periods.