Friday, August 20, 2010

More "Last Call" from NBC and Carson Daly

NBC has renewed "Last Call with Carson Daly" for a tenth year of performances by obscure bands and interview segments that seem to have been edited by a chimp with ADD.

"Under Daly, 'Last Call' has gone through more format changes than a crappy FM station," writes's Aaron Barnhart. Currently the show, which used to be a regular guy-at-desk-in-studio program like every other late night talker, is "shot in hotel lobbies and other shows’ soundstages in the TMZ."

"I really feel that 'Last Call' has hit its stride. It took 10 years -- but it feels brand new and great," Daly said in an NBC press release, which adds that the show "will continue with the mantra 'no desk, no ties, no rules.'"

According to Variety's Stuart Levine, the show, which airs at 1:35 AM in most markets, averages 971,000 viewers. "While that aud may seem relatively small, the numbers are misleading: Many viewers are sleeping during the broadcast but record the show on their DVRs. Numbers substantially increase when live+7 figures are added."

Barnhart points out that "In the 18-49 demographic, 'Last Call's' 0.4 rating in the demo is often competitive with ... of all shows ... 'Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.' This despite the fact that Ferguson gets twice the audience of 'Last Call' and enjoys the advantage of an earlier time slot."


  1. Anonymous said...

    In 2012, the world will end. The only thing that'll remain: Last Call With Carson Daly. - Octobrain

  2. Shane G. said...

    I enjoy last call, glad to hear it got picked up again.