Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lopez ratings down; will Conan bring broadcast-sized bucks to TBS?

Brad Adgate of Horizon Media just Tweeted about "Lopez Tonight"'s declining ratings: "Lopez viewers on TBS (in mill)-Nov 1.398; Dec 1.274; Jan 1.069, Feb 0.948, Mar 0.955, Apr 0.910 May 0.737, Jun 0.779 & Jul 0.751- down, down."

I couldn't find anything else online about Lopez's ratings, but if it's true, TBS must be eager for November to come -- that's when Conan O'Brien's new show will debut on the cable network. According to the Los Angeles Times, "advertising sales for [Coco's new] show are brisk." Parent company Time Warner chief exec Jeff Bewkes said in a conference call, "'We saw strong demand for Conan O’Brien,' adding that the late-night host's upcoming show was drawing an ad rate per thousand viewers similar to what he attracted on NBC."

Adgate told The Hollywood Reporter's James Hibberd that the high ad rates are "surprising."

"Sports and kids' shows are more likely to get network-like pricing on cable," he told Hibberd, adding that "he still doubts though that O'Brien will draw the same number of viewers on TBS that he used to get on NBC."


  1. Anonymous said...

    There are just way too many "late night" talk shows, and it's time for a different kind of "late night" format.

  2. Guy Bauer said...

    I think Conan will bring the bucks to TBS for sure! He has what no other host has right now - buzz. People that never even saw his show are talking about him. All he needs to do is just convert a portion of those newbies into full time viewers and he's got it made. I believe once you like Conan you can't un-like him. It's like riding a bike.