Thursday, February 25, 2010

David Letterman counterprograms Sarah Palin with Mitt Romney

As everyone who follows the late night talk show scene knows by now, Jay Leno will have Sarah Palin as his guest on Tuesday night's episode of "Tonight." David Letterman, meanwhile, will be chatting with another popular conservative pol, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney -- on the same night.

Dave has come up with a powerful lineup of A-listers to counter Leno's rebooted "Tonight Show," including perennial favorite Bill Murray and Team Coco member Tom Hanks. Here's the just-announced list:

Mo 3/1: Bill Murray, Ludacris
Tu 3/2: Mitt Romney
We 3/3: Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Brokaw
Th 3/4: Tom Hanks
Fr 3/5: Matt Damon, Danny Bhoy, Corinne Bailey Rae