Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jay Leno: ABC, CBS talent boycotting his show

The Los Angeles Times reports today that ABC and CBS are telling their stars to stay off "The Jay Leno Show." "They are determined not to let Leno's 10 p.m. program undercut viewership of their costly dramas when they are trying to build audiences at the start of the TV season," writes Meg James.

Leno was able to book plenty of guests from other networks when he was on at 11:30. But "'In prime time, the stakes are higher and you have to protect your flank,' said one network executive who asked not to be identified to avoid inflaming hostilities among the broadcast networks."

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (CBS' "The New Adventures of Old Christine") defied the ban when she appeared on Leno's show a couple days ago.

Despite the boycott, Leno doesn't seem to be facing a guest shortage. FOX, which only programs from 8-10 PM, is happy to allow stars like Hugh Laurie to come on "Leno." HBO is also encouraging its talent to sit down with Jay, including Bill Maher and "Curb Your Enthusiasm"'s Larry David. And, of course, NBC has some prime time stars of its own -- "The Office"'s Jenna Fischer and Steve Carell are both on with Leno this week.

Movie stars have also been eager to visit "The Jay Leno Show." The Times' James names Drew Barrymore, Vince Vaughn, Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson and Cameron Diaz as a few of the cinematic A-listers who have appeared on "Leno" during its first few weeks.


  1. Anonymous said...

    It makes sense to me that the other networks are doing this, but like the article says, he has had good guests even while this is going on, so he might do fine after all.

    On another topic, I just read about Daves extorsion/sex situation and I was pretty damn surprised. Im sure a post about it will be popping up here soon.