Thursday, October 8, 2009

David Letterman caught with his pants down on EW cover

dave coverAlmost exactly one month since he appeared on the cover of New York magazine, grinning triumphantly, David Letterman is shown in a much less flattering pose on the new Entertainment Weekly: literally caught with his pants down. (It's not a real photo, obviously, but an illustration; ah, the wonders of Photoshop.) The cover promises an inside look at "Letterman's survival strategy," but there's nothing new for those who have been following it on the Internet during the past week. Most of the information can be found in this EW blog post and the "exclusive" chat with an anonymous female ex-"Late Show" intern, who calls Dave “a good boss” and says that the program was a “great place to work.”

The magazine also features a half-dozen gags by other TV comics about Dave's situation, including Craig Ferguson's hilarious "I guess you know how I got my job now." One late night funnyman who hasn't said a word about Letterman on air: "The Daily Show"'s Jon Stewart. However, according to a report by a Television Without Pity forum poster who attended last night's taping of "Daily," Stewart was joking about it in his pre-show banter with the audience. When Jon came out before the show, he cracked, "I'm the host who doesn't have sex with his entire staff."


  1. Anonymous said...

    Man! from the media coverage this thing has got, youd think it was the damn POPE having sex with staff members!

    I hope this goes away soon (fat chance, but cant hurt to wish for it), cuz Im already sick of hearing about it, just like with the Palin controversy before.