Monday, July 20, 2009

Need a Leno fix? Head to

Fresh content is being added to, including a few videos of the man himself performing stand-up (Sotomayor jokes!) and vlogs by band member Vicki Randle, who is trying to lose 10 pounds before the show debuts on Sept. 14, and a behind-the-scenes look from talent coordinator Bryan Branly. And if you really miss Headlines and Jaywalking, there are best-of videos.

Why no countdown widget, NBC? Do we have to do everything around here?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Cool find! I can hear the slogan now: "Different name, different time, same lousy jokes."

    - Octobrain

  2. Santiago R. said...

    Ouch! lol Octobrain hates Leno. I cant stand him either I guess.

    Nice looking countdown clock by the way.

  3. Sunshine066 said...

    Geeze... Anyone have anything positive to say??? I miss Jay Leno amd will be glad to have him back on. Conan is OK... but no Jay Leno. Not crazy about Jimmy Fallon... I've tried, but just don't find him very funny. Seems to be trying too hard maybe. Dave Letterman is good, but still no Jay Leno in my book. I say thanks for the clock and keep it running!