Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jay Leno: Here come the cars

When his primetime show debuts in September, Jay Leno plans on making a grand entrance into his new, enormous studio: by driving one of his many automobiles right onto the stage.

According to this report, Jay, who is almost as famous for his love of cars as he is for "Jaywalking" and "Headlines," could be sharing more than just some of his own rare and vintage autos with the TV audience. It could also be a clever way for car companies to buy advertising time on the show.

"It's a natural because Leno is such a car freak; it's one thing people know and like about him," Barbara Lippert, ad critic for Adweek Media, told the Hollywood Reporter. "Products incorporated into a show go back a long way, and Leno is an old-fashioned guy. If that strategy takes off again, he's the one to do it, and no one would consider him a sellout."