Monday, May 4, 2009

John Oliver: the next "Daily Show" star to move on?

Rob Corddry, Steve Carell and Ed Helms all left "The Daily Show" when they scored sitcom or movie deals. Jason Jones and Samantha Bee and Rob Riggle also have network projects brewing.

And now, it might be John Oliver's turn. The British comic, who has become one of "Daily"'s most popular correspondents since joining the show's cast of correspondents in 2006, will reportedly costar with "Soup" host Joel McHale in a new NBC comedy called "Continuity." Entertainment Weekly's Watching TV blog reports that the show is "about a community college full of misfit students and teachers," and also stars Chevy Chase. Check out a preview below and see what you think; we're so used to seeing McHale introduce "Hills" and "Rock of Love" clips that it may take a while for us to get used to him in a different context: