Friday, May 29, 2009

Jay Leno: More "Tonight Show" Spoilers

CNN has more "Tonight Show" spoilers, including the fact that the show ended with Leno welcoming onstage "the children of people who met and started families while working at the long-running late-night show during his tenure."

"Jay said that's what he wanted his legacy to be," said Kevin Anthony of Miami, Florida. "His staff members, from stage managers to runners, who met, got married and had kids joined Jay on the stage and he took a picture with the 70 kids of those parents."

"Jay also thanked his wife," said Kathy Young of Los Angeles, "Jay said, when these kids are asked what was the 'Tonight Show' about, I want them to say, my parents met while working on the show and they had me. And that's what the 'Tonight Show' was all about."
The article also states that final guest James Taylor sang "Sweet Baby James." Here is our initial spoiler post, with monologue spoilers, and here is a transcript of Jay's interview with Conan.


  1. Anonymous said...

    The last show was very anti climatic.

    The night before was better but not by much.

    BTW, I am surprised that you have not made any comments on Prince's written message at the end of Thursday's Tonight show broadcast. I believe it was very tacky and showed that behind all the makeup he is a very ugly person.

  2. Talk Show News said...

    Re: Prince's written message: that was just kind of weird. But I don't think it's any surprise that Prince has never been known for being a friendly, personable guy. I mean, this is the guy who wrote SLAVE on his forehead because he didn't like his record deal. (For those who missed it: the message said, "Jay is the best. Even Paul Shafer [sic] knows.")

  3. Anonymous said...

    I didnt see Princes message but now that I know what it was, I hate him even more than I always have. What a contentious lil bitch he is. He deserves to be beaten.