Monday, May 4, 2009

Jay Leno: he'll go "off the couch" with guests

NBC is promo'ing Jay Leno's upcoming 10 PM show with some tongue-in-cheek statistics: it'll have "100% more comedy and 98% fewer murders" than other programs in its time slot. A brief featurette shows a cavalcade of TV violence, presumably from soon-to-be-competitors like the "CSI"s. What can we expect from Jay? Lots more Jaywalking and Headlines -- lots more -- and a "new comedy segment at the end of the show." (In other words, a way to entice you to stay tuned if you don't like the guest.) "And get this -- Jay will be getting his guests off the couch!" Onto "a huge new stage -- specially designed for comedy!"

To be honest, Talk Show News TiVos Leno at least once or twice a week, so it's not like we're anti-Jay, but this promo just seems like it's trying way too hard. An endorsement from Dr. Phil and Octomom gags won't make us count the days 'til the show debuts. Frankly, we're waiting for The Onion's The Hater to take potshots at the video, or at least come up with her own "off the couch" scenarios. How about, "Six words: Jay Leno. Betty White. Mud wrestling!!!"


  1. Sue T. said...

    I called it: The Hater

  2. Anonymous said...

    Jay Leno and Betty White mud wrestling, uh no. Jay Leno and Jessica Alba mud wrestling. HELL YES.