Friday, May 29, 2009

Jay Leno: Final "Tonight Show" Spoilers

It's 6 PM Pacific time and Jay Leno has finished taping the final "Tonight Show." Talk Show News has been on the hunt for spoilers.

This AP report says that the show begins with a standing ovation for Leno (no surprise there). In his final "Tonight" monologue, Leno "thanked all the people who made the last 17 years possible—Michael Jackson, Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton." Interestingly, there was no mention of George Bush; a Center for Media and Public Affairs study released yesterday and quoted in the Financial Times showed that Leno "had told 33,331 jokes since taking over the show, of which 4,468 were about Mr Clinton, compared with just 2,999 jokes about George W. Bush."

Twitterer elaineewing repeats this joke: "When I started this show, my hair was black and the president was white."

Variety has more monologue spoilers, including this gag about another favorite Leno target over the years, O.J. Simpson:
"I was cleaning my room today and I found O.J.'s knife," he said. "I had it the whole time!"

There was a rumor (wishful thinking?) making the rounds that David Letterman might make a surprise appearance -- looking at our web stats for the last couple days, a lot of people were Googling to find out if it was true -- but if that had actually happened, we imagine we would have heard about it by now.

As of this writing, we haven't been able to dig up any spoilers regarding Conan O'Brien's guest spot, but we'll keep an eye out.