Friday, July 30, 2010

Conan O'Brien: Will he be a presenter on the Emmys?

During the NBC executive session on the Television Critics Association press tour, NBC Universal TV chief Jeff Gaspin was asked how the Peacock Network would feel if Conan O'Brien was asked to be a presenter on the Emmy Awards. The broadcast rotates among the four major networks, and this year, it's NBC's turn.

According to New York magazine's Vulture blog, Gaspin's OK with a Coco appearance. "As long as he's not hosting, I'm fine," he said.

The TV Academy has contacted Conan's camp, but so far, there's no indication whether or not he will appear on the show. "The man's busy getting ready for his new TBS gig, and he may ultimately decide it's not worth all the drama (or effort needed to prepare funny material)," writes Vulture's Joe Adalian.  "It could be a few weeks before there's any movement on the matter."

Jay Leno's ratings were also a topic of discussion at the tour.'s Julie Miller reported that Gaspin still feels good about the "Tonight" host's performance, despite the fact that the show's ratings dipped this past quarter to a 17-year-low. "The third quarter, to date, we have a 22 percent advantage over Letterman. It’s too early to make any proclamations about anything, and I’m not worried."

NBC executive Angela Bromstad added, “Hopefully we can improve the health of the primetime shows and that will help Jay as well.” It remains to be seen if upcoming fare like "Law & Order: Los Angeles" and "Outlaw" -- which USA Today's Gary Levin describes as a show about "a gambling, womanizing Supreme Court justice who quits the bench to become a traveling libertarian lawyer" -- will give Jay the lead-in power he needs.