Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Craig Kilborn: He's un-retiring!

As this blog has been following the "whatever happened to Craig Kilborn?" story for almost a year now -- this is still the most-read, most-commented-on post on the site -- I must admit I'm a bit perturbed that the New York Times scooped Talk Show News on the latest Craiggers update.

Kilby is "about to return to television in a prospective syndicated show for 20 TV, the syndication arm of Fox’s television stations," writes the Times' Bill Carter. Note that this does not mean that Kilborn's show is replacing the Conan-at-11 PM-on-Fox venture that never happened. " It would instead run on the group of local stations owned by Fox. And the executives aware of the deal emphasized it is not intended to be a late-night show. It could potentially be a daytime entry," a la Ellen or Oprah.

According to "a memo sent by the show’s producer seeking staff members described it as a combination of a talk show with a 'non-political "Daily Show."'" That doesn't sound wildly promising, as "TDS" is 90% politics, 10% fluffball interviews with people like Ben Stiller and Zoe Saldana, but nevertheless, a lot of Craig's fans will be glad to see him back -- and a trial run for the show could begin airing as early as this summer.


  1. Steve K. said...


  2. Anonymous said...

    yes!!! kilby is back. the legend returns. what a beautiful day.

  3. mattack said...

    "non political 'The Daily Show'".

    That's ironic, because "The Daily Show" was originally *relatively* non-political. They used to do a lot more 20/20 or 60 minutes style segments... and I remember back then I commented to Late Show News that I'd usually FF through the non-"Weekend Update" (i.e. political) segments.

  4. Anonymous said...

    I hope the idiots at Fox put him on an affiliate near me....we want Craigers back!!!!