Monday, March 29, 2010

Breaking non-news: Conan won't host the Tonys

When it comes to Conan O'Brien, there seem to be more stories about what he might do than what he actually is doing. Recently, for instance, there was a spate of stories announcing that his tour may be filmed for a documentary.

The latest Coco nonstory: O'Brien might host the Tony Awards on CBS in June! Deadline Hollywood announced that Conan had been invited to return to New York and celebrate Broadway's finest work. However, the excitement quickly died down when O'Brien's team stated that such a high profile TV gig was not allowed under the terms of his severance with NBC. "I am of the understanding that he can't do that kind of thing until September," said an unnamed Team Coco insider.

In this theater fan's opinion, a Conan-hosted Tonycast would take the spotlight off the hard-working Broadway actors, directors and playwrights -- and even if the show got higher-than-usual ratings, it wouldn't be worth it.