Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What was that phone number?

Stephen Colbert has had fun with toll free phone numbers before -- his "Atone Phone," 1-888-OOPS-JEW, has made numerous appearances on the Report. Last night, at the end of the broadcast, Stephen said, "Remember: If anyone out there was offended by anything they saw or heard on tonight's program, simply call 1-877-SEAN-930 and just let me have it. I mean, stuff you could never take back."

SEAN, huh? Could that number somehow be associated with Stephen's ex-co-host Alan Colmes' former partner, Sean Hannity? Let's ask Wikipedia:

...a feature of Hannity's new show is the 'Hate Hannity Hotline', a segment in which the host airs and reacts to the recorded telephone messages of viewers who dislike him or disagree with him. An animated electronic 'HATE-METER' is used as a studio prop during the sequence. The phone number for the 'Hate Hannity Hotline' is 877-SEAN-930.
A blogger at Colbert fan site No Fact Zone says eager callers have already "crashed the system."