Thursday, January 8, 2009

Conan cuts back to 4 new shows a week

Longtime "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" viewers will recall that for years, Conan did four new shows a week, with a rerun on Monday. He switched to five shows a week in September 2006, according to this item: "Faced with the almost inevitable switch to a five-nights-a-week schedule when he takes over 'The Tonight Show' in three years, Conan O'Brien is increasing his load by one night a week starting this season."

Well, now that he's practically out the door, Conan appears to be returning to his old format of four new shows a week plus a repeat (on Friday, not Monday this time around). Tomorrow's show will feature a rerun from Sept. 10 with Curtis Jackson, Kaitlin Olson and Gym Class Heroes, while Friday the 16th's rebroadcast from Sept. 26 has guests Brooke Shields, Robert Reich and Amos Lee.


  1. James Langdell said...

    Before Conan took on Late Night, Latterman had done no more than four new shows a week. When Conan started out, he didn't have old shows to rerun, so he kept up a five-show-a-week pace for the first few years. Then, Conan was a guest on Tom Snyder's competing show, where they came to an agreememt to not work so hard and to both scale back to four new shows a week. I think Craig Kilborn made just four shows a week. But Craig Ferguson has kept up a five show pace since the start. I assumed that Conan's switch to a new show every night was to compete better with Ferguson as well as to ramp up for Tonight.

    Great to find this new part of your site, Sue.