Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Colbert & Colmes

You might think that both "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" had spent part of the holiday chasing down special surprise guests, but in fact "TDS"' Anderson Cooper bit, in which the CNN anchor moderated a doggie debate, has been in the can for a while -- and it felt kinda stale. But the "debut" of Stephen Colbert's new format, "Colbert and Colmes," featuring the erstwhile partner of FOX News' right wing star Sean Hannity, was a hilarious winner. Stephen made Alan Colmes recite inane catchphrases, including "Hamburger, you're good!" and "Aw, snap!" He also seated Colmes in a tiny chair at least a foot shorter than his own. If you missed it, enjoy the hilarity:

Colmes told the AP that he thought the show "was very well done." "As to how working with Colbert compares to working with Hannity, Colmes said: 'Both are extremely gracious, although I feel a lot taller sitting next to Sean Hannity.'"

The partnership was so funny, despite Colmes' obvious awkwardness doing comedy, that I was a little disappointed when Colbert "fired" him at the end of the broadcast. Bravo to the writers who cooked up this bit.