Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Joan Rivers no fan of Jay Leno

Don't look for Joan Rivers to show up any time soon on "The Jay Leno Show." According to Live Feed blogger James Hibberd, Rivers, appearing at the Television Critics' Association press tour to plug her new TVLand show "How'd You Get So Rich?," had some harsh words for the comedian.

"I think it's brilliant that Leno is at 10 pm, because America can get bored more easily and go to sleep earlier," she said. "When was the last time you heard, 'Did you hear what Leno said last night?' It will be nice for the Midwest because their crops will be greener."

Aggrieved Leno fans who want to see Rivers get hers should tune in to Comedy Central's roast of the plastic surgery addicted star on Aug. 9. A few of the jokes have leaked out already, including this one from Greg Giraldo: "You used to look your age, but now you don't even look like your species."

Joan will be promoting the roast on "Live with Regis & Kelly" on Aug. 3 and on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on Aug. 4.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Joan River is so old.....she was around for the very first reality show: "Adam & Eve Plus One."

    - Octobrain

  2. Anonymous said...

    Id love to see the Joan Rivers roast, but alas, I cant watch it.

    I wonder how many celebrities are not fans of Leno but still continued to appear on his show just for the publicity. Im sure it happens more often than we think.

  3. kathy2trips said...

    Jay is very funny, never lewd, a charitable and decent guy, who's universally admired and respected, at least between the East and West coasts.

    Other comics hate that. Especially the angry, bitter ones.

  4. wbg said...

    @Frank and Bella

    You MUST be delirious...